Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cengiz YILDIZCI
Çevsa Peyzaj Çevre ve Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cengiz Yıldızcı graduated from the Faculty of Forestry in 1969 as a Certified Forest Engineer. Following graduation, Mr. Yildizci served as Landscape Planner at the National Parks Department of the Ministry of Forestry, as assistant at the Park Garden and Landscape Architecture Department of School of Forestry of KTU, Landscape Planner at Paris – Haut de Seine Green Lands and Parks Directorate, PhD student at the Urbanization Department of the School of Architecture of ITU, assistant at the Urban Design and Urban Renovation Department of School of Architecture of ITU, and as guest student at Laval University in Quebec-Canada with UNESCO scholarship. In 1982, he served as assistant professor at the Urban and Regional Planning Department of School of Architecture of ITU and was appointed as professor in the same department in 1988 and served as Graduate Studies Coordinator at the Urban Landscape Planning department.

In 2002, he founded the Department of Landscape Architecture for the first time in our country as part of the School of Architecture and served as Department Head of Department of Landscape Architecture at School of Architecture of ITU and head of Landscape Architecture master and PhD study programs at ITU Institute of Science.

Professor Yıldızcı took part in the founding phase of the Department of Landscape Architecture of School of Forestry of Istanbul University in 1987 and led the Urban Landscape Planning course and project courses. He administered 8 PhD and 86 graduate theses at Institute of Science of ITU.

At Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, he served as the Advisor of Mayor in charge of Landscape Projects and as the Natural Structure Group President during the implementation phase of Istanbul Environmental Planning project developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Planning unit and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Planning project. He served as the president of Yapi Group and also led 82 different landscaping projects implemented at İ.T.Ü Revolving Fund, Environment and Urbanization Center, İ.T.Ü Foundation and İ.T.Ü Development Foundation. In addition he won awards both as a jury member and as a contestant at 24 different occupational contests.

In 2011, he was honored with the Achievement Award by TMMOB Chamber of Landscape Architectures for his contributions to the field of Landscape Architecture Education and with the Honor Award as part of the 8th National Landscape Architecture Awards in 2016. In 2013, he was honored with the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architectures) awards with the HEBIL 157 Project.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Bülent GÜRBÜZ
REKÇAD (Recreation Studies and Research Association) Group Founder

Dr. Gurbuz received the B.Sc. degree and M.Sc degree in Physical Education and Sports from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey and the Ph.D. degree in Recreation from the Gazi University Ankara, Turkey, in 2006.He worked as a visiting scholar at Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, North Carolina State University, USA.He teached courses in the area of recreation at Baskent University, Hacettepe University, Ahi Evran University, Gazi Univertsity and Kırıkkale University.He presented many scientific studies about recreation at international conferences, won best presentations awards many times and served in congress scientific committees.

He has co-authored two books including Urbanization and Recreation and Total Quality Management in Sport Services.He is a founding member and current president of Recreation Studies and Research Association which has members from different disciplines (sport sciences faculty, tourism faculties, faculty of forestry). He is currently working as an Associated Professor at Ankara University, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Sports Management.

Prof. Dr. Cenap SANCAR
Faculty member Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning Department

Received his Bachelor degree in 1989 from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) and became a research assistant in the same year. He gained his Master’s degree and PhD in Urbanism in 1992 and 2000 in the same department. In addition to contributing to several courses in the same department, he was involved in many research projects (carried out for institutions and public authorities like the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Municipalities, State Planning Organization (DPT)). He has been continuing his educational activities since 2005 in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP) established under the Faculty of Architecture in KTU.

Besides the Department of KTU URP, he teaches in the departments of different disciplines such as Architecture and Geomatic Engineering. His administrative duty, which started in 2010, in the same department (URP) as the department head, is continuing.

His researches focus mainly on urban design, conservation and housing policies. Since 2009 he has been a member of Samsun Conservation Board and serving as a consultant for many municipalities in the near region. He took part in numerous architectural and urban design project competitions and was awarded prizes.

İstanbul Akvaryum Director

After being graduated from Istanbul University in 2008, she joined during the construction phase the Istanbul Akvaryum(Aquarium) project that was the first facility of the complex actualized within the body of Istanbul Akvaryum Turizm Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

To make the aquarium culture that is a first in its field in Turkey hold on to the market, she played a part in the themed project integrated in foreign market research, domestic market.

She also took an active role in many operations such as construction of the Aquarium facility, architectural and thematization processes as well as taking the facility into exploitation, creating living collection, using domestic and foreign resources, establishment of exploitation-administration-organization chain.

Appointed as aquarium general coordinator, Çapanoğlu assumed the administrative management in the processes of corporate communication, sales and marketing, strategic planning, business development as well as the aquarium general management.

During her duty, she realized many social responsibility projects and organizations.

Besides of Istanbul Aquarium management, by including international exhibitions and activities periodically in the corporation body, she created Istanbul Aquarium Science Center.

Getting promoted as Aquarium Director in 2013, Çapanoğlu has been appointed as executive committee member with the accomplishment of the Istanbul Aquarium Complex project (aqua florya mall crown plaza florya hotel) in 2015. She is still actively running aquarium director task with the executive committee membership.

Founder of Cemer A.S – Chairman of the Board

He was born in Torul / Gümüşhane in 1965. He completed his secondary and high school education in Izmir. He graduated from the department of civil engineering at Karadeniz Technical University in 1989. He took parts in varied construction projects between the years 1989 – 1997.

In 1994, he established “Cemer Kent Ekipmanları” and started to manufacture lighting and other equipment for parks and Gardens.

Soon after that, he realized the need and the potential for the production of quality and genuine products in the field of children playground and urban equipment which made him enter the related sector. In a short time, he transformed the company one of the preferred brands in Turkey and 656 countries.

At the 20th anniversary of the company, cemer has won the “Red Dot Design Award” with Deltoik®. Moreover, the same design is selected as one of the winners of German Design award. As a result of the value to design, Cemer established Turkey’s first “industrial design center”  and rightfully earned its place in Turkey’s records.

Another groundbreaking event is Cemer’s New Designs Competition first of which was held in 2014 and the second was held in 2016 to lead the way to the young designers as well as emphasize on the importance of new designs in the industry. Fuar Eroğlu is planning to bring the competition to international level in 2018.

Eroğlu who is a pioneer to many improvements in the industry and still making much effort to bring more innovation to the industry is married and father of two.

Fuat Eroğlu is also the founder of Cemer’s subsidiary companies Orbay where only unused and old truck tires are recycled to manufacture rubber and other ground coatings and Burak Architecture in the construction business.

EMT – Event Management Team, Inc.

He was born in Eskişehir on April 11th, 1963. He is alumni of Bursa Anatolian High School (1981) and Istanbul University Faculty of Economics International Relations Division (1985). He anaged and took responsibilities in more than 13 thousand projects varying from event management to media relations at his professional life reaching 35 years.

He has been a pioneer on many projects and events such as the first stadium concert in Turkey (Bryan Adams), first road show ever designed from A to Z in Turkey (Jean Caravan), Turkey’s being the only country to host the “greatest adventure” Camel Trophy eliminations twice that he made a great effort for 10 years, Kazakhstan’s first national raft team (Camel White Water Challenge) auditions, Class 1 Offshore Powerboat Race’s first organization in Turkey, Wall Street public events for Turkcell; the first Turkish company publicly traded at the NYSE, first live F1 broadcast (as anchorman) and first F1 race hosting in Turkey, first Sea Marathon between Turkey and Greece, the one and only Eurovision Song Contest hosted by Turkey as a winner in 2004, e-PR for the first and still only Turkish pilot (Jason Tahincioğlu) competed in GP2, world’s legendary music festival Woodstock and Turkey’s most important music festival and youth event Rock’n Coke. He set up the Istanbul Festival Valley, the biggest (240 km2) versatile open air venue in Turkey and hosted Barışa Rock festival with 70-75 thousand concert goers. He continues to share his professional experience on event management with future generations in his lectures of Academy Istanbul, Izmir Economy University and Kadir Has University and conferences in various universities. He offers a different perspective based on “experience” for those who are not content with sole theories of event management in brand communication through his 5N1K ile Etkinlik Yönetimi | Event Management via 5W1H book which is recognized as a course book in several universities and certification programs. He attends events and conferences as a guest speaker which focus on entrepreneurship, career, innovation, networking, travel and outdoor and provides corporate motivational training programs with his brand new Terra Nova Camp site.

kemal_basturkKemal BAŞTÜRK
Operation Director of İsfanbul Shopping Center and Theme Park

After graduating Marmara University International Relations Department in 1999, he started his business life in financial sector. After 2005 he took senior managerial positions in readymade retail business and gained experience also in international trade.

As of 2013 Kemal Baştürk started to work for ECE, active in developing, leasing and managing big scale shopping center projects. He worked in management of Ankamall and Marmara Park Shopping Centers. Later on he was in charge as center manager of Park Afyon Shopping Center and Aqua Florya Shopping Center. In 2017 he started to work for Gürsoy Group and currently works as Operation Director of İsfanbul Shopping Center and Theme Park.




OKKO Entertainment Managing Partner

Born in Malatya in 1979, M.Onur KARADAĞ has a bachelor’s degree in Management. He serves as member and board member in numerous non-governmental organizations. He currently serves as the chairman of the board of Okko Entertainment, Okko Extreme and Okko Event companies.

M.Onur KARADAĞ has led the architectural design, construction and operation processes of numerous theme parks and children’s’ playground projects and has also set up the largest indoor children’s play centers for numerous municipalities under the concept of Children’s Village.

He also leads the manufacturing processes of adventure parks, zipline projects, climbing wall projects, free fall projects, giant swing projects etc. He has completed numerous projects for municipalities and the private sector. Apart from these Mr. Karadag also operates Adventure Parks and organized children’s events for shopping malls. He is married and has two children.

metinarganProf. Dr. Metin ARGAN

Eskişehir Technical University (ESTU) Faculty of Sports Sciences, Head of Sports Management and Recreation Department

Metin Argan, Ph.D., is a professor in sport management department of sport sciences faculty at Eskisehir Technical University (ESTU), Turkey. His research interests are marketing, entertainment marketing, sports marketing, ambush marketing, sports sponsorship management, sponsorship effectiveness, and leisure studies. He has published books titled sports marketing, sports sponsorship management, and entertainment marketing. Dr. Argan also edited a book named Sport Management, Recreation Management, and Sport Sponsorship. He have chapters in books titled as Sports Marketing, Consumer Relationship Management, and Consumer Behavior. He had many articles in peer reviewed international journals about marketing, consumer behavior, sports marketing, leisure and recreation, and sport sponsorship.

In addition, Dr. Argan has over 75 international, national, and regional presentations in the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Argentina, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Turkey etc. He currently heads the departments of sports management in sport sciences faculty and sport management and recreation in graduate school of social sciences. He has advised many companies, institutions and individuals on subject of marketing, image, service business, fitness service quality etc.

The Master of Landscape Architecture degree Murat ERMEYDAN
Chairman of UCTEA Chamber of Landscape Architects, Istanbul Branch

Mr. ERMEYDAN received the bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture from İstanbul University Faculty of Forestry and the master degree in department of Environmental Design from Bahçesehir University, Institute of Science and Technology, İstanbul, Turkey.

He started out his duty as a Landscape Architect at İstanbul Ağaç ve Peyzaj A.Ş. in 1998, he participated in as a Project Implementation Manager in between 2006-2012, as an Assistant Manager of Technical Services in between 2012-2014 and as a General Manager in between 2014-2016 years. Now, he is currently working as a consultant Master Landscape Architect at İstanbul Beton Elemanları ve Beton Fabrikaları A.Ş. (İSTON). He worked as a specialist lecturer at Faculty of Engineering and Design in İstanbul Ticaret University.

He has been involved in many projects and has been a member of the jury at many competitions. He was attendant as a speaker at many conferences and panel discussions about landscape and landscape architecture, also served as a moderator. In 2014, he was selected as a chairman of UCTEA Chamber of Landscape  Architects- Istanbul Branch. He continues to manage as a chairman of Istanbul Branch. He is a 3. year student at İstanbul University, Open and Distance Education Faculty of Sociology Department.
He is also a guest student at Istanbul Sebahattin Zaim University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences on Urban Planning and Urban Transformation.

He is married and father of two children.


Dof Robotik A.Ş. Founder and Chairman of the Board

He started his first initiative in the field of simulators, which has been his main area of interest since college years, again during his university years. His first simulator, on which he worked for many years, was launched in 2009. His company Dof Robotik A.Ş. sold over 40 motion cinema products all across Turkey in 2010. After 2011, his company entered the international markets and became one of the leading companies of the Attraction Industry in a short time.

As a reflection of his vision of following closely the technology and trends that make up the culture of his company Dof Robotik, and pioneering in the area of innovations, Mustafa Mertcan, designed and produced premium and technologically advanced products and brought numerous awards and achievements to his company both in Turkey and abroad. His products reached consumers in over 80 countries and cities abroad and over 100 sales points in Turkey (totaling 180 sales points).

Placing great emphasis on R&D efforts, Mustafa Mertcan continues to contribute to the development of the attraction industry both in Turkey and abroad with the new products that are the result of his strategic partnership with Siemens.

Mustafa Mertcan currently serves as the “Chairman of the Board” of Dof Robotik A.Ş. which he founded.

I-MICE Society President

Serdar Söyler started his career journey in 1995 with the high school internship at Turkey’s first travel agency VIP Turizm. He completed his university internship in 1998 in the Congress Department of Ikon Turizm. Between 1999 and 2002, he served in ISEVV consortium which also included Ikon Turizm and took part in big international events organized in our country. During the period he served as Congress Department Director at Global Turizm, he organized numerous national medical congresses in different fields.

Since 2013, Serdar Söyler has been organizing Turkey’s leading public and private sector events under Jolly Tur – Jolly MICE brand. Since 2017, he’s been serving as Jolly MICE Director.

Serdar Söyler was elected as the president of Turkey’s first MICE Society that was founded in 2016 and he still serves in this position.

Serdar Söyler is a graduate of, Etiler Anadolu Vocational High School of Tourism and School of Travel Business of Marmara University.

Outdoor FactoryGeneral Manager

Born in Istanbul in 1980, Aydıner first graduated from Austrian High School and then received his undergraduate degree from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Isik University. He started his professional career at the Export Department of Borusan Mannesmann Birleşik Boru Fabrikaları and worked as Export Specialist between 2006-2010.

Aydiner entered the advertising industry as the founding partner of Outdoor Factory in 2010 and worked with leading brands in the idea generation, design and implementation phases of 3D advertising projects. With the knowledge and experience he gained here, he started serving the sector in the area of theme park projects under the same brand.

With Outdoor Factory which is one of the first companies that brought design and production services under a single roof for the first time in Turkey, he started providing turn-key services that combine design, technology and art for themed projects. He continues to provide unique products and services in the areas of municipal parks, museums, theme parks and special parks with his brand that turns dreams into reality.

Aydıner continues to move forward with new projects with his mission of creating economic, social and cultural value in Turkey via museums, which both entertain and educate and theme parks, which have turned into a major industry. He is one of the most active players of the sector with his brand, which offers designs and products to Central America, Africa, Middle East and Europe, in addition to his projects in Turkey.

sohret_pakisŞöhret PAKİŞ
Polin Waterparks Director Of Marketing And Communications

Şöhret Pakiş studied Economics at Bogazici University in Istanbul, and went on to receive her master’s degree in Economic History at the same university.

Her first work experience was at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. She started her carrier at the Human Resources Department.

In 2004, she joined the Polin Waterparks team. She worked respectively as Human Resources, Sales and Marketing Manager until 2013. Şöhret is now the Director of Marketing and Communications at Polin Waterparks.

Şöhret Pakiş has been working as a proud member of IAAPA Europe Committee in 2014 and 2015 and IAAPA EMEA ( Europe, Middle East and Africa) M&S Committee since 2016.


YEPUD (Creative Events Planning and Management Association) President
FYM Advertisement and Event Planning Company Founder
BEAWORLD FESTIVAL  WORLD Best Event Awards Juryman
DPİD Direct Marketing Communication Awards Juryman
Municipalities Festivals Association Consultant

Yavuz Özdel was born in 1955 in Istanbul. He studied Economics at Marmara University between 1974 and 2000 he worked at Istanbul State Opera and Ballet as solo dancer and choreographer.

In 1988 he and his  sisters who are prima dancers at State Opera and Ballet, founded Dance Academic Ballet and Dance School.

He founded FYM Advertisement and Event Planning Co. in 1990. Since 1990, he signed various cultural, corporate and artistic projects to determine the image of our country in a memorable manner.

In addition to being the president of YEPUD Association, Yavuz Özdel continues Project designing, managing and consulting roles in FYM Creative Group as well as event management training, making stage, venue decorations and art consulting.

Organization of promotion, opening and election campaign of political parties are some of the projects carried out by FYM Organization, Advertising and Promotion Co. Ltd.