New Receation And Attraction Projects Emerge As The Construction Industry Of Turkey Grows

According to statistics from Turkish Statistical Institute, construction industry in Turkey grew by 13.3% compared to the same period last year. Recently, the campaigns initiated by GYODER (The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies) for 49 companies and over 100 projects and campaigns initiated by Emlak Konut for 30 companies and 15 thousand households, are viewed as a major turning point for the further development of the sector. And the recreational projects that offer thousands of meter squares of green lands, educatory and recreational activities and sports complexes for the areas where they are initiated, develop in parallel to the growth of the construction industry. The residential projects to be brought to life in coming years are expected to feature a large number of attraction and recreational areas and sports facilities. And all these developments are believed to offer new business opportunities for ATRAX-International Amusement-Attraction, Park- Recreation Exhibition which is the only specialized exhibition of the sector in Turkey.

It’s been stated that municipalities and residential project brands that will develop new recreational and attraction areas will be shopping for their equipment needs at ATRAX Exhibition which will be organized at Istanbul Fuar Merkezi between 1-3 December 2016. This year, a higher number of mayors and residential project brands are expected to visit local and international manufacturers at ATRAX.

The number of residential projects in Turkey increases rapidly. In addition to the housing campaigns announced by GYODER (The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies), the planned conversion of 237 thousand houses by Housing Development Administration of Turkey and the announcement by Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Ozhaseki that 30.000 new houses will be built in East and South East Anatolia regions, offer big opportunities for recreation. The construction industry in Turkey which made a huge progress during the last 15 years, now offer human-oriented projects that meet the expectations and needs of contemporary buyers. Such recreational projects usually feature running and walking tracks, children’s playgrounds and recreational areas which are all available free of charge to residents.

Million TL Residential Projects will Enliven the Recreation Industry

Tema World which is a part of Tema Istanbul project and has an investment value of over 300 million Euros, Temasehir Konya which is currently under construction in Konya and Istanbul Viaport Venezia built with a 1.5 billion TL investment are only some of the major projects that bring together residential units and recreational areas. Assuming that numerous recreational areas will be constructed together with thousands of residential projects which are under construction or planned, it is seen that ATRAX exhibition will play a major part in fueling the development of the sector. International Amusement-Attraction, Park- Recreation Exhibition ATRAX which serves as a major platform for new business partnerships every year, will be featuring a variety of products including children’s playgrounds that provide higher level of muscle use for kids, climbing walls, bicycles, adventure parks, theme park equipment, coin-operated toys, and sports equipment for parks.

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